Earth & Life Science Adventures:
Sustainable Agriculture, Microscope Magic & More!



It's time to get our HANDS dirty and our MINDS  opened to all of the great things we can explore in our *new* Earth & Life Science Adventure Camp! This camp features workshops and hands-on activities in  plant biology, sustainable agriculture,  and life science explorations .


Each camper will have their own take-home microscopes and soil-plant kits to conduct labs during the week.

core curriculum

This camp is built for newcomers in STEAM and requires no previous tech experience! 

This is a camp perfect for level 50 or level 100 campers rotating fun, age-appropriate labs such as:

  • Robot Driving 

  • Puzzle Coding Games 

  • Drag/Drop-Based Coding

  • The Basics of Electronics for Kids!

  • ... And More!


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