Game-gineers!: Play , Build, & Code!



Game-gineers is the ultimate camp featuring STEAM Activities for Kids who love Games... Video Games Especially!


Campers will play a variety of STEAM-based games (digital & physical), learn game design principles (genres, storyboards, animations, sprites, artificial intelligence) and finally enjoy building+coding their own video game throughout the camp week! This camp's focus is meshing the joy of GAMES with the experience of STEAM, Computer Science & Engineering. We're excited and your kids will be too!


200-level Game-gineers will build their own games in the Python language. 100-level Game-gineers will use Scratch Programming.

core curriculum

This technology adventure matches best with Core Curriculum Levels 100 & 200. 

Students are expected to have an introductory level of coding experience and/or a readiness to participate in STEM project-based learning activities for this adventure.


Students with prior coding  experience will do projects in text-based coding languages (Python) while students new to coding concepts will do projects in block-based coding languages (Scratch)

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