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"Teaching STEM in the Virtual Classroom" Webinars use STEM Education demos to illustrate how to effectively engage and utilize STEM topics in a distance learning/virtual classroom setting.
  • Webinars will rotate between Computer Science & Engineering Education topics and Physical Science topics (e.g. Biology)
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  • Friday, 4/17/20 - 12pm PST

    • Link: tinyurl.com/hotewebinar

    • STEM Demo: Intro to Coding for 1st-4th Graders

    • Virtual Classroom Strategies/Discussion: Practical Distance Learning Tips,Tricks, & Feedback

  • Friday, 4/24/20 - 12pm PST

    • Link: tinyurl.com/hotewebinar2

    • STEM Demo: Endangered Species & the Battle of the Beaks

    • Virtual Classroom Strategies/Discussion: Virtual Student Engagement via Polling & Questionnaires

  • Friday, 5/1/20 - 12pm PST

    • Link: tinyurl.com/hotewebinar3

    • STEM Demo:  Using Scratch to teach Coding for 1st - 4th Graders (Input, Output, & Variables!)

    • Virtual Classroom Strategies/Discussion: Virtual Breakout Sessions for Group Learning

  • Friday, 5/8/20 - 12pm PST

    • Link: tinyurl.com/hotewebinar4

    • STEM Demo: Strawberry DNA Extraction 

    • Virtual Classroom Strategies/Discussion: Project Based Learning with the 5E Model

  • Friday, 5/15/20 - 12pm PST

    • Link: tinyurl.com/hotewebinar5, password: WEBINAR5

    • STEM Demo: Coding a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game for 1st- 4th Graders (Variables, Control Flow)

    • Virtual Classroom Strategies/Discussion: Mixing & Matching 1:1 vs. Group Time 

  • Friday, 5/29/20 - 12pm PST - [POSTPONED]

    • Note: We are postponing this webinar as we strive to provide more content for our teachers and parents! If you would like the content for the prior webinars please register on the form below :)

    • STEM Demo: Intro to Coding for 5th & 6th Graders